Access Code


Access Code was an online coding bootcamp.

Students were able to follow specific paths (for example, Full-Stack JavaScript) or complete individual courses.

I single-handedly built the platform and created all of the content.

Notable Features

The Access Code platform offered a fully automated code-checker which was built into the IDE. On the instructor's side, it offered a verbose course management dashboard where the course could be created, updated, and submissions could be reviewed and graded.

  • Courses
    • multi-level progress tracking
    • built-in IDE
    • automatic code-checking
    • suggestions and custom error messages
  • Paths - curated collections of courses
  • Point system
    • Gamification system where students gain points by completing challenges, answering questions, etc
  • Report cards
  • Forum
    • StackOverflow style forum where users are rewarded points for answering questions
  • Avatar uploads (AWS)
  • Admin/Instructor dashboard
    • Verbose course builder
    • Ability to add instructors with various permission levels
    • Submission review and grading
  • Ghost blog served on the same domain (not a subdomain - tricker than it sounds!)
  • Credit card subscriptions (via Stripe) to access premium content


API Integrations